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Anodime is a company dedicated to technical treatments for metal surfaces.
Provides solutions to problems of biocompatibility, osseointegration and pre-sterilization of products.
At Anodime we carry out our activities promoting a culture of quality based on leadership and development of human resources, solidarity, commitment to improvement and safety in our operations. Quality policy.

Technical treatments for metal surfaces

Solutions to biocompatibility problems

We promote a culture of quality

What is anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used in order to obtain an oxide film on the total or partial surface of metal parts. Specialized in titanium anodizing, Anodime, S.L. Since 2011, it has offered finishes of an excellence that is difficult to match. The layer that is obtained forms an integral part of the piece and hardens its surface, making it more resistant to corrosion and abrasion, protecting it from atmospheric agents. The thickness of this layer ranges from 200 nanometers to 2 microns, depending on the objectives to be

achieved. At the same time, depending on the duration of the processing time and the agents used as anodes in the electrolysis, finishes are obtained in a wide spectrum of colors that we can set according to the requirements of our clients. The pieces that can be anodized by our team of experts come from sectors as diverse as aeronautics, traumatology, biomedical research or instrumentation, expanding the business objective with new innovations both in the processes used and with new equipment that is constantly ren