Titanium anodizing
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Hard anodized Hardgrip®


The hard anodizing of Anodime Titanium and its alloys (Hardgrip®) is an electrochemical process by which a layer of Titanium oxide (TiO) is formed by anodic electrolytic means. The thickness of this layer ranges from 1 to 1.2 μm (microns).


Our Hardgrip® gives Titanium a surface hardness that ranges between 700-750 HV. This process improves osseointegration due to the considerable increase in the thickness of the Titanium Oxide (TiO) layer. It increases the friction coefficient, which facilitates anti-seizing and increases the contact surface for better osseointegration. It confers ceramic properties to the treated surface, practically nullifying electrical conductivity, which translates into unbeatable galvanic protection and increases resistance to wear.